Being Earnest Service Dr Faris Abusharif: How Is Chronic Body Pain Diagnosed?

Dr Faris Abusharif: How Is Chronic Body Pain Diagnosed?

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Chronic body pain, as the term suggests, is a persistent pain that lingers for weeks, months, or potentially even years. It encompasses a wide array of conditions including fibromyalgia, nerve pain, arthritis, and much more. The pain can be debilitating, significantly impacting an individual’s personal and professional life. For that, Dr Faris Abusharif will discuss how chronic body pain can be diagnosed.

Identifying The Symptoms

Before jumping into diagnosing chronic body pain, it’s essential to be familiarized first with its common signs. These typically include continuous aching or discomfort, stiffness, soreness, and frequent muscle twitching. The symptoms might be generalized or localized to one specific part of the body.

Diagnostic Approaches: First Steps

The diagnosis of chronic body pain begins with a detailed medical and personal history. Your physician will likely inquire about the nature, intensity, and duration of your discomfort. This information provides valuable clues about the potential origin of the pain.

Physical examinations are another crucial step. A comprehensive visual and hands-on assessment enables Dr Faris Abusharif to identify areas of tenderness, swelling, and restricted mobility, giving further insight into the possible causes of your pain.

Broadening The Search: Lab Tests And Imaging

If the initial assessment does not yield a clear diagnosis, Dr Faris Abusharif may perform other tests. Blood tests, for example, can reveal markers of inflammation or infection. Cultures and biopsies might be taken to rule out certain types of diseases.

Imaging studies, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, are valuable tools that can help visualize potential sources of pain. These techniques allow for a detailed inspection of the bones, muscles, and other tissues, exposing any abnormalities that may be causing chronic body pain.

A Multidisciplinary Approach: Pain Specialists and Therapists

Lastly, in some complex cases, the diagnosis of chronic pain may require a multidisciplinary approach. Pain specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, and physical therapists can join forces to investigate the root cause. They are equipped with specialized knowledge and tools to interpret symptoms and scan results accurately .

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